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Bowl Ramekin Artic White 7.5cm

Sometimes referred to as a bouillon bowl, these little dishes are so versatile. Ramekins are commonly used for serving various dishes including creme brulee, cheese or egg dishes, potted shrimps, ice cream, souffle, crumbles, or used to serve side garnishes and condiments at table. They are also very useful for appetizers such as mixed olives.
Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 cm (LxWxH)

BBD $18.95

Oil Dish Artic White

This versatile little dish is perfect for butter, dipping oils, individual portions of sauces and even nibbles. The pure white porcelain glaze brings out the beauty and colour of its contents.

Size: Height 3cm x Width 10cm x Length 10cm

BBD $19.95

Oval Vegetable/Baker Bowl

Use this beautiful oval dish for serving vegetables at the table or as a baker for oven-to-table dishes.

BBD $79.95

Round Vegetable/Salad Bowl

This circular bowl is equally at home as a salad bowl or vegetable dish. Pure white vitrified porcelain that’s pin hole and pot hole free for greater hygiene.

Size: Height 7.2cm x Width 23.5cm x Length 23.5cm

BBD $74.95

Salad Bowl Coupe

This generous salad bowl in a coupe style is designed to compliment other coupe items from our Arctic range.

Size: Height 10cm x Width 24cm x Length 24cm

BBD $79.95

Small Coupe Salad Bowl

This small salad bowl in a coupe style is designed to compliment other coupe items from our Arctic range. It looks superb on any table, especially when partnered with its larger counterpart.

Size: Height 8.5cm x Width 21cm x Length 21cm

BBD $59.95

Soup/Cereal Bowl Coupe

Soup, cereal, starter or dessert, this coupe styled dish is versatile, practical and good looking.

Size: Height 6.5cm x Width 16.5cm x Length 16.5cm

BBD $29.95

Soup/Pasta Bowl Small

This is a versatile dish that you can use for soup or as a small pasta dish.

Size: Height 4cm x Width 23cm x Length 23cm

BBD $29.95

Square Chop Suey Bowl

The largest of the three oriental dishes, this square deep bowl in pure white porcelain is ideal for soups and cereals, as well as many chop suey and stir fry dishes which it presents perfectly.

Size:  Height 9cm x Width 22.5cm x Length 22.5cm

BBD $49.95

Square Pasta Bowl

A beautiful white pasta bowl in pure white porcelain. The square shape offers a cosmopolitan alternative and an oriental influence to the Cafe range, making this tableware a comprehensive collection for any occasion.

Size: Height 4.5cm x Width 23cm x Length 23cm

BBD $44.95

Square Pasta/Soup Bowl

This square soup bowl or cereal dish compliments the shape of the square plates and offers an alternative to round plates and bowls.

Size: Height 4.5cm x Width 20.7cm x Length 20.7cm

BBD $24.95