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Everly Laundry Basket Small

These round baskets with lids come in light brown and white finishes that suit a traditional interior.

Material: Seagrass & water hyacinth

Colour: Brown & white

Size: L 15.7″ x W 17.6″ x H 22.6″

BBD $259.95

Harlow Natural Laundry Basket Small

Offer any traditional themed home a final touch by displaying this set of storage baskets that can hold embellishments or belongings. Keep your space tidy and neat with the help of these storage baskets. Place them by your bedside, laundry room or living room to keep your space free of clutter. Due to the handmade nature of this item, no two will be alike, there will be slight differences in shape, size, and color.

Material: Seagrass

Colour: Brown & White

Size: L 14.25″ x W 13.05″ x H 18.05″

BBD $249.95