Measuring Furniture

Once you have chosen your new piece of furniture, it is important to ensure that it can fit through the necessary doorways, stairways, hallways and elevators of your house. To ensure that your new piece arrives as it should to its desired destination, follow these crucial steps:

1) Before final purchase and delivery you need to assess whether your new piece will fit into the intended space. Take note of the positions of doors, windows, stairs, light fixtures and electrical outlets. Sometimes sketching your ideas and carefully planning your layout proves invaluable.

2) Measure the height and width of all passageways, stairways, doorways and hallways through which the furniture will need to be carried. Remember that the presence of fixtures, steps, interior walls etc. can prove to be obstacles to the free passage of the furniture.

3) Measure the furniture’s height, depth and width as well as the diagonal dimension of the furniture.

Measuring Furniture Pic

4) Finally, compare the dimensions of your home with that of the furniture dimensions to ensure that your new piece will be a good fit.



Enjoy the new addition to your home!