Diffuser Oil Refill

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Amazonian 1oz Fragrance Oil

An exotic, floral, and earthy scent, Amazonian captures the essence of the Amazon’s leafy flora, wet soil, and fresh rains. Amazonian features green and herbal notes with rose and must

BBD $39.95

Aspen Mist 1oz Fragrance Oil

Aspen Mist is a cool scent with notes of lavender, cumin, cedar leaf and peppermint. Its fresh notes make it easy to emulate the refreshing air of the misty Colorado mountains inside the walls of your home, especially when used with your favorite Grandeur oil diffuser.

BBD $39.95

Cinnamon Fragrance Oil Diffuser Refill 250ml

Hassett Green Fragrance Oil Diffuser Refills can be used with a ceramic diffuser wand and traditional rattan or fibre diffuser reeds. A rich, warm cinnamon fragrance with spicy tones of nutmeg, black pepper, clove, star anise and cumin with a hint of ginger. 100% ALCOHOL FREE for a longer lasting fragrance. The perfect gift idea to give or receive, ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new homes & more.

Vegan Friendly

BBD $44.95

Floral Vibes 1oz Fragrance Oil

Floral Vibes is a cheery, fresh floral scent with notes of white tea and honeysuckle.  With your favorite Grandeur oil diffuser, you can envelop any space in the aroma of  hundreds of floral bouquets.

BBD $39.95

Hawaiian Bouquet 1oz Fragrance Oil

Hawaiian Bouquet captures the intoxicating aroma of the Hawaiian Islands’ finest flowers with a lavishly tropical blend of bubbly champagne, pomegranate and plumeria.

BBD $39.95

Into The Woods 1oz Fragrance Oil

Into the Woods is an enchanting scent that fully encapsulates the comforting and earthy air of Mother Earth’s beautiful forests. Smoky notes mingle with the sweet wooden notes of birch and cedar wood to bring the grounding aromas of nature Indoors.

BBD $39.95

Jasmine Petals 1oz Fragrance Oil

Sensual and exotic, Jasmine Petals is an intoxicating staple for any fan of floral scents. Jasmine Petals is a delicate blend of green notes with citrusy Bergamot, herbal lavender, warm vanilla, floral ylang ylang, and fruity-floral geranium.

BBD $39.95

Midnight Chivalry 1oz Fragrance Oil

Midnight Chivalry is a valiant and rich aroma, pairing notes of spicy cinnamon and clove with warm vanilla, cedarwood and fir needle.

BBD $39.95

Rise & Shine 1oz Fragrance Oil

Rise & Shine is a vibrant and energizing scent with notes of lime, basil, and  mandarin. Add a burst of sunshine to your morning

BBD $39.95