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Acrylic Wine Bucket

This acrylic wine bucket has an elegant transparent design with a circular profile at the top that transitions beautifully to a square profile at the bottom. Attractive molded grips add a finishing touch. 

Dimensions: 8”D x 8”H

BBD $59.95

Appetizer On Ice

BBD $59.98

Appetizer On Ice

Appetizer trays fit over ice to keep appetizers chilled and fresh.
Melted ice can easily be replaced at any time.
Perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining.

BBD $59.98

Artic Ramekin White 6.4cm

Sometimes referred to as a bouillon bowls, these little dishes are so versatile. Ramekins are commonly used for serving various dishes including crème brulee, cheese or egg dishes, potted shrimps, ice cream, soufflé, crumbles, or used to serve side garnishes and condiments at table. They are also very useful for appetizers such as mixed olives.


Height: 3 cm
Width: 6.5 cm
Length / Depth: 6.5 cm

BBD $14.95