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20cm Mint Stoneware Salad Plate w/Pattern
Arctic Coffee Mug

Arctic Coffee Mug

This elegant coffee mug is a great choice for coffee with friends. Affordable style with great looks and practicality. Manufactured from the world’s finest clays, Arctic is twice fired to …

Arctic Egg Cup

Arctic Egg Cup

A simple white eggcup. Understated and fresh. Manufactured from finest porcelain, it will look good for many years to come.

Arctic Jug - Medium
Arctic Lasagna Dish - Large

Arctic Lasagna Dish – Large

This generous lasagne dish will satisfy the largest of appetites or families. It’s ideal too if you want to batch cook for the freezer or store cupboard. Manufactured from the …

Arctic Lasagna Dish - Small

Arctic Lasagna Dish – Small

Our smallest lasagne dish is ideal for the smaller family or for individual portions. Oven to table safe, microwave and dishwasher safe it’s so easy to prepare, cook, serve and …

Arctic Pasta Plate 28 cm

Arctic Pasta Plate

The big pasta plate 28 cm. Generous. Theatrical. Create that sense of occasion with family and friends. Manufactured from the world’s finest clays, Arctic is twice fired to a temperature …

Arctic Salad Bowl 21cm - Small

Arctic Salad Bowl – Small

Salad Bowl 21cm

Arctic Soup Bowl 17CM

Arctic Soup Bowl

Soup Bowl 17CM

Arctic Tea Store Jar

Arctic Tea Store Jar


Artic Jug Large

Artic Jug Large

White porcelain Jug . Volume:110cc